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Great performance in "I'm Special, You're Special" at the Sterling Community School on September 25th (especially with the sound challenges).  I really liked the use of your occasional sign language when you were talking.   I try to incorporate as many different languages as possible into my music classes including sign language, so it was refreshing to see.    I wish more parents could have seen what a great message you had to share.

I look forward to more productions from you!

Sydney Cumbest, Music Teacher


I'm Special, You're Special


Touring for 37 years, this play with music has been continually updated and never fails to reach its audience. The show deals with the inclusion (mainstreaming) of David Brown, a young boy with Down Syndrome, into his brother's and sister's school.

See how he struggles and triumphs in this new situation, learning how to handle change and make new friends. This compassionate and sensitive production was chosen to represent the United States at an International Convention on Down Syndrome in Jerusalem, Israel, and today is more popular than ever.

Suggested for all ages. 

Comments from the 4th grade class at Charlestown Elementary School, RI


Selene - "Funny yet emotional"

Claire - "I felt like crying at times, laughing at times"

Loren - "Heartwarming"

El - "Emotional ups and downs"

Anthony - "I give it a 10 out of 10"

Lily - "Actors acted well. Very believable"

Zoe - "Bittersweet"

Chloe - "Shows if you work harder you can do it well"

Quinn - "Everyone is good at something!"

6th grade teacher at Park Elementary

School“The students were extremely engaged and empathetic to David’s challenges. They asked appropriate questions following the play and actively participated in the question/answer part. They thought it was awesome! We talked about the play when we returned to the room and the discussion was amazing!


I have a sibling with special needs and my entire family has been active participants in the Special Olympics for over 30 years. I have also worked in special education for years.


Performances like the one you presented are so effective in providing insight about disabilities affecting peers. Furthermore, many students are impacted and develop feelings of positivity, empathy, understanding and acceptance!

Thank you for coming to Park!”



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