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Red Chairs

A letter from our team

Dear Kaleidoscope friends and family,

What an extraordinary past couple of years we’ve all lived through! We never would’ve guessed that our Cinderella performance in August 2019 would have been our last for such a long time. But it was.

Like the rest of theatre, we were unable to perform both at theatrical venues and in schools during 2020 and 2021. With so much uncertainty as to the direction of Covid, we opted to be on hiatus for a third year. So we will not be on tour this summer at any of the venues at which we used to perform.

That said, we were approached by the management of the North Shore Music Theater as to whether they could lease a few of our scripts and produce their own production of our shows. We agreed and they will be performing three of our shows at both the North Shore Music Theater in Beverly, Massachusetts and Theatre by the Sea in Matunuck Rhode Island. Check their websites for details. We can’t wait to see what they do with our shows!

We are uncertain at this time as to which direction to head for the future of Kaleidoscope Theatre. Will we continue to lease scripts to other theaters? Will we look to see if another nonprofit might be interested in taking on Kaleidoscope? We are open to suggestions.

Whatever happens next, we are incredibly grateful for the years that we were able to work with amazingly talented people both on and off stage. Over 45 years of stories and adventures that surely will never be forgotten.

We were lucky to connect with so many great theater owners and schools who were willing to give us a chance and who believed in us year after year.

And there are no words to describe how wonderful it has been to perform for so many children and their families, to see their eyes light up as their favorite fairy tales came to life right in front of them. Or to see that ‘aha’ moment when they learn a lesson from one of our plays. Hearing a child say, “I never thought of it that way” made all those early morning rides in the van worth every minute.

We thank you for all those moments as we look ahead to see what’s next. Best way to follow/reach us is on our Facebook page or with the email Kaleidoscope

We wish you an amazing summer and hope to see you again! 

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